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This painting is a part of a series called "Meditations." The triangular canvas allows the composition to focus on a singular concept, serving as a visual metaphor to aid in channeling that concept into manifestation and practice.


This sojourning snail being propelled onward by a wave symbolizes perseverance and persistence toward, while surrendering to the flow of the journey. 


A sojourn is a temporary stay along a journey.  A visitation.  We sojourn through this life for a short time and visit the lives of others whilst here.   This journey is not stagnant, nor perfect, rather it is a path paved with paradoxes.  It is both slow and fast, success and mistake, intentional and happenstance all at the same time. 


Such paradoxes call our attentions toward balance and non-dualism, and that message is as the heart of this meditation.  


Sojourner Snail reminds the conscious mind that our journey is meant to be met with persistence, while also going with the flow.  We are to cultivate perseverance, while also being open to the journey as a reward unto itself as it unfolds.  Guide your journey with focused intention, while being fully present and receptive to life's unexpected currants.


Meditate on: progress, not perfection

 "Sojourner Snail" - S. J. Lentz 

Acrylic on Canvas Digitized Series

Sojourner Snail

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