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This painting expresses the way a balmy, tropical night on the beach feels to the senses.  The way the air is heavy with salt and sand on the skin and the fizz between crashing waves comingles with the sound of wind that fills the ears.  Every gust carries with it the sweet scent of flowers and leaves so beautiful to behold they inspire gratitude like reflex.  With every breath, each muscle sinks deeply into a languid relaxation that excites the senses and inspires the mind with hope.


​I find these sensory qualities of tropical beach environments to be very healing.  Saltwater and sand - especially barefoot - is intensely grounding.  The scents and views prompt appreciation for natural beauty and this  gratitude neurochemically eases stress. 


When the painting "Tropica" is tiled reflexively: two patterns emerge.  Each channels visual elements typically associated with masculinity and femininity.  Both patterns interlocking, they also share elements between them and possess a mix of both masculine and feminine visual elements - just as each person is balance between both divine energies.

This triptych represents the experience of rebalancing one's parts after trauma, reintegrating and grounding mind, body and soul back together in gratitude while breathing in both air and hope from a tropical beach-town in Florida to heal.

 "Tropica" - S. J. Lentz 

"Divine Masculine" & "Divine Feminine"

Acrylic on Canvas Digitized Triptych

Tropica Triptych

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