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This painting is a part of a series called "Meditations." The triangular canvas allows the composition to focus on a singular concept, serving as a visual metaphor to aid in channeling that concept into manifestation and practice.


This composition symbolizes: boldly and brightly rising into a new creation in response to that which was meant to destroy you. 


In response to trauma, the human psyche splits.  In a very real way, the old self dies.  Sometimes this process is more painful than words can contain,  But something else also happens, our miraculous brains create a new version of ourselves that is made to overcome that trauma.  This is both a rebirth and a trial by fire.  But, like the phoenix, out of the fames and ash of who we once were:  a new creation of self will rise.  


"Rise" reminds the conscious mind to be resilient, and to choose one's mindset in the face of adversity, trauma, and the destructive forces of stress.


Meditate on: 

"Nothing that is meant to destroy me me will prosper. How might I use this adversity to my advantage to recreate myself in a way that meets my needs?"  

 "Rise" - S. J. Lentz 

Acrylic on Canvas

Rising Pheonix

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