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This abstract painting is inspired by organic shapes found in coral reefs. 

Coral are not plants, rather a crystalline colony of tiny animals called polyps that thrive on light.  Coral cells, like human body cells, work together to form massive superorganisms.  


These superorganisms support entire ecosystems and bring forth life.  The Coral colony superstructure is home to countless marine species, particularly protecting their young, and acts as a guardian of human shores from coastal erosion.  


New research also suggests that coral reefs may play a prominent role in treating some cancers.  


Coral is both vital and valuable, and because of that it gets abused.  Climate change and illegal harvesting especially threaten this endangered species.  This is why it is a protected part of nature.

In a lot of ways, human beings can be a lot like coral.  We are social creatures meant to function inter-dependently in communities to thrive.  These communities are life-giving, especially when they are healthy and safe environments that protect us from the harsher tides of life.  

 "Reefer" - S. J. Lentz 

Acrylic on Canvas Digitized Series

Corals Reefer

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