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This painting is inspired by the organic shapes inside our brains and bodies and the neurobiological miracle of being human. 


We are all the same and yet each unique. We are a collection of neurons, neurochemicals and body systems that somehow total to more than the sum of its parts to manifest from nature a unique soul. This is truly a miracle.


Yet, lingering stigmas cause us to misunderstand how our minds and bodies work. We misunderstand ourselves and various mental health conditions (as well as the people who are affected by them).  


People whose neurobiology sets them apart from what is considered "typical" and those who fight to "rewire" themselves after trauma, addiction, injury, or illness, suffer and struggle in ways we can all learn to better understand.  But, they also see the world in ways that can bring forth new insights, wisdoms, innovations and perspectives. That, is the miracle of being human and it should be celebrated - not feared, ignored or shamed.  


This work is about being aware of the hidden world inside our miraculous brains and bodies. It honors the unique perspective of each soul, raises awareness about neurodiversity, and celebrates the journey of recovering from trauma, addiction or illness.

 "Miracle" - S. J. Lentz 

Acrylic on Canvas Digitized Series

Infinite Miracles

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