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This painting is a part of a series called "Meditations." The triangular canvas allows the composition to focus on a singular concept, serving as a visual metaphor to aid in channeling that concept into manifestation and practice.


This abstract composition is made from poured acrylic paint to symbolize: authenticity and clarity of being, while also being in state of perpetual reflection; powerful, yet ever-surrendering to the flow of constant change. 


Water is transparent, but it also reflects brilliant colors emanating from the sky, sun, and earth and multiplies them.  Similarly, when seeking to manifest something, we must first reflect it - emanating it in order to attract more of it to our being.  Such paradoxes call our attentions toward balance and non-dualism, and that message is as the heart of this meditation: it is in contemplation the mind evolves. 


"Like Water" reminds the conscious mind to be fluid and receptive to change in a constant state of adaptation, yet possessing a power to dissolve mountains and exist as essential to existence itself.


Meditate on: 

"How might God be like water?  How might I?"  

 "Like Water" - S. J. Lentz 

Acrylic on Canvas

Like Water

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