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This painting expresses the grounding, nurturing and abundant yield of mother earth as the creator-goddess "Gaia." 


Invaluable wisdom, enlightenment, medicines, sustenance, shelter, wealth, spirituality and art originate from earth-elements - all vital to humanity.  But, unlike earthen fertility goddesses like Hera or Aphrodite, in ancient Greek mythology Gaia is the personification of the Earth itself.  She is not a mere fertility goddess, though she is characterized by the same life-giving qualities as the many goddesses who came from her. 


When the painting "Gaia" is tiled reflexively: four patterns emerge.  Each channels visual elements associated with the cardinal areas of earthly yield: Mineral, Forest, Grain and Fruit.  Together with the original painting, this 5-piece series of artwork forms a pentaptych.  The root word "penta" (5) also refers to the grounding qualities of stability.  When repeated, this honeycomb shape forms the strongest and most efficient geometric building pattern.     


This pentaptych represents the cardinal earth-elements that emanate from the mother-earth goddess "Gaia" - creator, from whom all other deities and human prosperity originate.  

Gaia Pentaptych

 "Gaia" - S. J. Lentz 

"Mineral" | "Forest" | "Grain" | "Fruit"

Acrylic on Canvas Digitized Pentaptych

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