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Colorful illustrations of your favorite local places printed on cozy hoodies, tees and more.


I explore organic shapes, color, texture, and symbolism with acrylic paint to look for and find meaning in life, nature, and the art of being human. 

​From the depths of the ocean, to the outer reaches of space, to the complex inner workings of our brains and bodies: certain shapes repeat across life. There is a kind of symmetry to it all.  Life is an expression of elegant simplicity, yet it also creates infinite variations of itself across a pattern of vast complexity. The result is highly organized chaos and, in this paradox, I believe there is a wealth of wisdom to contemplate. 

I aim to express a tiny piece of that with each work of art I create.  It is my hope that the resulting work evokes thought and energies that embellish your walls and enrich your soul.



Color affects physiology, mood, and even behavior.  It can be harnessed to heal the mind and body, calm or excite the nervous system, and transform environments.


I enjoy embracing texture in my work,  often simulating materials like metal or stone with paint to add a layer of sensory experience to the act of viewing.


Pouring layers of paint onto the canvas, I play with color and flow to negotiate a composition, sometimes adding freehand-painted representational layer on top.


I deploy iconography as symbols of spiritual or mindful states of being, incorporating bodhisattvas, Hindu deities, and tarot as visual meditations. 


​My process for this art is my therapy.  ​​ Each step brings me into a meditative flow and channels my awareness toward a meaningful thought or concept. 


I let my inner graphic artist go wild, digitally creating product and color variants to make unique organic and geometric arrangements, clothing, prints and more.

tiny tavern

Formerly "Jumps," it's my favorite place in Cocoa Beach and the first in the "Places" series that I illustrated.

ellie mae's

There's no place like this tiki bar.  It's named after a little dog and powered by a mighty woman.


A series of gouache on paper illustrations capturing the vibe of my favorite places in and around Cocoa Beach, FL.

  • Monthly Painting Lesson

    Every month
    Prepay for one (1) individual painting lesson each month.
    • One painting lesson per month.
    • Personalized Art Therapy (integrated into lessons)
    • 11" x 14" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
    • Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint
    • Use of studio supplies (easel, apron, palette, etc.)
    • Keep your masterpieces!
  • Painting Lessons Plan

    Every month
    Three (3) individual painting lessons per month.
    • Plan prepays for three (3) private art lesson per month.
    • 30% Off Lessons (pay only $40 per private lesson)
    • Personalized Art Therapy (integrated into the lesson)
    • Canvas (provided at lessons)
    • Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint (provided at lessons)
    • Use of studio supplies (easel, apron, palette, etc.)
    • How-to, step by step instruction.
    • Keep your masterpieces!
  • Intro Lesson Pack

    Prepay for 8 lessons, get $200 in art supplies for $20!
    Valid for 12 months
    • 8 Private Painting Lessons (flexible times/locations)
    • Wooden Tabletop Easel w/ Latching Supplies Drawer
    • Mixing Set of Liquitex Heavy Body Pro Grade Acrylic Paint
    • Set of 10 Royal & Langnickel Short Handle Brushes
    • Plastic Mixing Palette
    • Adjustable Apron
    • Canvas (provided at lessons)

Lesson Schedule

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