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I am an artist and designer trained to work across several mediums and design disciplines.  create art and produce design artifacts that are capable of communicating ideas, selling products, and solving problems.

I believe artists, designers and creatives can solve big problems, spark positive change, and spur innovation working in the public sector.  So, I dedicated the majority of my career in service to municipal and state government in New Jersey.


In 2016, I earned a Master's degree from Parson's School of Design Strategies while working for the State.  I learned skills in user-centered design for complex systems and public domains (like cities, public spaces, non-profit programs and governments).  I then deployed these skills at the state-level, modernizing form-mediated government processes for the NJ Department of Health. 

The resulting professional journey took me far, far away from my own creativity.  The realities of being a change-maker in stagnant government domains drastically impacted my health and, to my surprise, seemed to ruffle more than a few feathers among those who preferred the status quo.  I got burned out, lost hope, and I stopped making my own artwork.   


After more than a decade of government service, I left my job to start my own design company in late 2019.  (Needless to say, that was NOT the best time to start a business.)  One pandemic and a series of truly unfortunate events later, I made a decision to leave everything and move across the country to start over... and to start making my own artwork again.

Thank you so much for being a part of this new chapter, your patronage means everything to me.

If ART is expression,

DESIGN is problem-solving. 

We typically think of our selves in terms of left-brain or right-brain, creative or analytical, but designers like me like to do both.  


Whether working for governments, businesses, or individuals, I am passionate about deploying both creative and analytical skillsets toward making positive impact.

How can I help you use the visual languages of art and design to make a difference for you?

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